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One of our backyard ice rinks in Greenwich, CT

Backyard Ice Rinks for the Greenwich, CT, Area

Also Servicing Fairfield and Westchester Counties

NARM can install and maintain the rink throughout the winter including; snow removal, rain and sleet removal. Your rink can be completely removed and stored during the off season, your grass will be restored.

Rinks can be placed almost anywhere on your property. Ideal is a level yard or tennis court that need minimal work to get a level surface with 1". We will work with an electrician for a hook up for your chiller. A hot water hook up is a must to get the best quality ice possible.

NARM will layout all the costs for your rink including yearly costs, snow and rain removal and monthly maintenance. The cost of a rink can range depending on how big you can dream. Occasional we have used rinks that sell very quickly. We have a long wait list for customers wanting used rinks. We can sell your rink once your hockey player move out of the house.

Pricing: Ice rinks installed start at $50,000 (serious inquires only)
WE DO NOT DO NATURAL RINKS. All our rinks have refrigeration. 

North American Rink Management can make ice anywhere, at any time, in any shape. Permanent or totally portable systems in any climate can be installed, maintained and managed. Ice can be installed in a public park or on a private tennis court.
  • Permanent or Portable  
  • Public Parks
  • Pedestrian Mall
  • Town Mall
  • Tennis courts
  • Stadiums
  • Level grass area
  • Over a Pool
  • Basements
  • Squash courts
  • Backyards

Equipment can be leased or bought. Rinks are designed for the private owner or municipality to have installed each season typically November through March. The benefits of recreation skating, hockey and figure skating can greatly enhance any public park area and the rink will pay for itself with public skating and sponsorship sales. Some of the services North American Rink Management can provide include:

  • Turnkey Installation
  • Turnkey Management
  • New or Used Equipment
  • Custom built sizes and shapes
  • Use of empty space in winter time
  • Unique community attraction
  • Full time service engineer

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